Steve Walker artist

The High Priests of Traffic
The High Priests of Traffic


and the car...
Blue skies
Busy sky
Canute of the air
Cars etc
Feet in the car
Flower power
Mayhem over martello
Night drive
Queen of the meadow
Ramshorn bramble dance
Reach for the sky
The high priests of the sky
Tribal wear
Two happy maggots
Dark car dance




Ever since I looked out across the east London skyline and saw the oppressive march of high rise living I have been anxious about our effect on our environment. For the last 30 years I have kept a visual diary much of which expresses my ambivalence of wanting 'stuff' and its impact on our world. I now have a chalk downland wildlife site in Kent, which I manage under the Stewardship scheme. There are many orchids here including the nationally scarce Man orchid, also there are adders, grass snakes, slow worms, many insects and butterflies. Some of the profit from this website is going towards the upkeep and improvement of the nature site.

This website contains images that I have worked up from my diary and if you enjoy them they can be bought in the form of Giclee A3 prints. To purchase please contact me at boundary2@boundary2,